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Why I started Epic Personal Trainer

I had become fed up with seeing talented trainers fail because of a lack of business training.

Actually, I was almost one of them. When I first started I had a lot of fear holding me back. I nearly quit. Fear of talking to a complete stranger on the gym floor, fear of asking clients for money, fear of injuring my clients and fear of failing.

I had no confidence and I really had no idea what to do.

In the end, I made it through with help from my mentors, Tom and then Dan with frameworks that they introduced to me.


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I found comfort in these frameworks as they gave me a clear step-by-step. A task-orientated pathway that would lead me to success.

In the years since I have seen the fitness industry in many different roles. I have learned a hell of a lot and this has given me a unique perspective.

I have tweaked those frameworks and created many more to plug the gaps for everything needed for trainers to own a healthy business.

EPIC Personal Trainer is here for you to take this information, take action and create your own path to success.

I hope to bring together a community with experts in different areas and for people to learn from each other's successes and failures so everyone can develop their own path that is the right one for them.

'"A rising tide lifts all boats."Right now, you have the chance to become a Founding Member of the EPIC community and help shape and direct its path.This will give you and every other member the information you need the most to be successful.

Join the EPIC Community as a
Founding Member

While we are getting starting and adding the initial new content, you can become a Founding Member and get 50% off our introductory price.

Join the wait list today and pay only INR 1,250/- a month FOREVER!

You will always be locked in at this low Founding Member price.

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