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Consultation Form


Download and use in your first client consultation. 

Bonus - Access to the Forever Free personal trainer community.

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Why use this form?

This form will really help you to deliver an effective consultation and add a ton of value to your services.

I first learned about this way to do a consultation from one of my first mentors Dan Colman. This is just the way of many that can get the right result from this first sit-down with a new client.

Before he came along I was pretty clueless and couldn't convert the few trials I was getting into paying clients.

He showed what was to me, the first version of this consultation. Over the years I added a few things and removed a couple of others. 

This has helped make it quicker to complete while at the same time making it have more of an impact that converted a lot more clients.

I did this by keeping the focus on the 3 things you want to achieve with each consultation you perform.

  1. Build rapport

  2. Fact-finding

  3. Set the scene

  4. Light a fire 

No Microsoft Office?

Don't worry!
If you don't have Microsoft Office you can easily upload and use this form in Google Docs.


Ideal Client Worksheet

Fill out this worksheet to help you discover who your ideal client is.

        Consultation Form.docx | 20.6 KB


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