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EPIC Blueprint


Your pathway to an amazing business.
A series of questions to help take you from clueless to thinking about some of the most important areas of your business.

Bonus - Access to the Forever Free personal trainer community.


Why use this blueprint?

When I started as a personal trainer there was a business course I had to go on. It was 2 days in London that introduced me to being 'in the business' of personal training. To be honest though, it really missed an opportunity.

There was no real guide and no real structure of what was needed that would put me on the path to success. 

Did the course help. Well, yes, a little. But it didn't answer enough questions or cover all the things that I really needed to start, build and grow a business.

This blueprint lays things out for you the tasks that trainers didn't get back then. 

It is a system that has been created from what I have learned over the years from many people.

With this blueprint, you get a guide that can work as a step-by-step. You can do every single one, or pick and choose the ones that will have the most impact on your business and career.

It's a practical system broken into 4 sections that make the blueprint epic!


  • Envision - Plan out the important parts of your business

  • Produce - Create and build the things you need to deliver your service 

  • Inform - Let as many people know about what you do with your marketing

  • Connect - Engage with your people, get them results and retain the relationship

Follow the blueprint and see the difference it can make for you!


The EPIC Blueprint

Your pathway to creating an amazing personal training business. 

         EPIC Blueprint.pdf • 8.09 MB


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