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Finding Your Ideal Client


Knowing your ideal client allows you to focus on what you do best while working with the people you love. You will uncover the questions you need to answer to help decide on the right people. Finally, you will get to know the real world applications to help move your business forward.

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What you'll get from this course

Simply put, this short course will help you to find the right kind of clients for more success and enjoyment as a personal trainer.

For years I would take whatever client would come along. It was money right! Why would I turn them away?


But, I was taking on clients I hated working with. They were not bad people. Just bad clients. 

Turning up late, not paying on time. Some had issues I had no idea about and didn't like training them as it just wasn't a style of training that I enjoyed.

Then I went to a seminar and discovered about ideal clients and how to figure out who mine are.

Once I completed this I started to do something I'd never done before. 

I started to turn clients away was not a good fit for me.

Yes, it sometimes took a little longer to fill a slot. But when I did everything improved.

  • I enjoyed my work so much more

  • I had less stress about collecting money as my clients had respect for me and what I offer

  • My clients stuck to the plan much more as they knew me better and trusted me more

  • I became a true expert as I was focused on one issue that clients had. I was no longer spread over 20 different situations.


I really hope you find this training as useful as I did once I did the work and then took action with this new information. 


My Ideal Client Worksheet

        Finding Your Ideal Client Training • 23 mins


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