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Personal Trainer Agreement


Make sure that you and your client are on the same page.

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Why use this form?

The relationship between a trainer and a client is a professional one first and foremost.

We have all had those clients that can be a bit of trouble. And sometimes it is hard for us to admit that we play a part in that situation.

The reason being, that we do not set out boundaries and explain how we do business.

A personal trainer agreement can help you get around those issues and the awkward situation and conversations you might need to have when it goes a bit wrong.

Having a new client agree to a set of terms concerning areas that might come to cause friction later on you can maintain a great relationship.


  • Clients are aware of the expectations of working with you

  • You can set the conditions of working with you

  • Asking for payments becomes more seamless

  • Reduce friction around cancelled sessions fees

  • Maintain a healthy understanding throughout the relationship

Once I started to have clients read and sign the agreement life became so much easier while keeping better relations with clients.

The Personal Training Agreement form is in a docx format for Microsoft Word so you can edit it to reflect your businesses where needed.

No Microsoft Office?

Don't worry!

If you don't have Microsoft Office you can easily upload and use this form in Google Docs.


Personal Trainer Agreement Form

Fill out this worksheet to help you discover who your ideal client is.

        Personal Training Agreement.docx • 21.3 KB


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