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Program Builder Template


Get clarity on who your ideal client is to help focus your content and figure out your marketing efforts.

Bonus - Access to the Forever. Free personal trainer community.

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Why use this template?

So, it looks like you're having the same issues I did a while ago.

You're one of the good trainers. One that actually plans and writes a program for your clients. I mean, what kind of personal trainer doesn't??

The problem though is that they can take forever to create and they don't always look that great.

Not anymore!

Check out this excel template that helps you speed up the whole process. You can brand it to your personal colours and use your own logo to quickly create an amazing looking program you're proud to hand to your clients. 


Beautiful, Detailed and Professional

Give your client an awesome program that is easy to understand and highly professional in appearance.

program design image 1.jpeg
drop down image. 2.jpeg

Dropdown Menus for Speed

Quickly enter all your options using the dropdown menus


100+ Exercises with 1000's of possibilities

More than 100 exercises are listed as well as different grip, stance and equipment options to create 1000's of possible exercises. Take the courses to see how you can add your own if there is anything missing.

list image 3.jpeg
tracking image 4.jpeg

Track Sessions

Have your client track every set performed so you can keep an eye on their performance and make more informed programming decisions.



Program Builder Template.xlsx • 143 KB


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