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Session #001 - What is Epic?


Show Notes:

Hey there! I'm Marc and I am the host of the epic personal trainer podcast. It's a brand new podcast, aiming to help new personal trainers with all that business stuff you never really learn on your courses, your certification courses.

In this very first session, I want to be going through what the epic blueprint is and why it's a good idea for you to follow it. So,

What is the epic blueprint? Well, it's a download as PDF, you can get it for free off the website. But it's a guide essentially for you and your personal training business. And it's going to take you through all these different parts of a journey to becoming a successful personal trainer.

So, why is it called epic? Well, you know, I'm not, I'm not trying to be flashy or show off or anything like that. It's actually stands for something. It's an acronym. so it's easy to remember.

And it provides a pathway and a process for the four areas of building a thriving personal training business. Okay.

So, let's get started. Shall we? So the first letter of the word epic E it stands for envision right now, envision is the part where you're going to be doing all the kind of planning, and, and, organising. So you can get everything in order to start a personal training business. So, What kind of things do you think you need to plan?

Well, first off, do you know if you want to be an employed or freelance trainer? Do you want to be online or do things in person?

Do you want to work in a gym or a studio or people's houses? You know, do you want to have your own studio?

All these different kinds of ways there are of operating as a personal trainer. So you see there's all these different arrangements.

You know, you've got different types of gym facilities or platforms and you're gonna need to find out which one suits you best.

So, you know, beyond that, do you know what type of people you want to train? Are you going to become a specialist or generalise and what goals do you want to help train people towards?

So it's all about the planning. Okay. Envision is all about the planning and getting things ready so that you can get that first client and give them a great experience and ultimately results.

All right. And it doesn't have to be perfect at this point. I mean, it never will. But, you know, you need to seem like, you know what you're doing with those first clients because now you've got people paying you for that service.

So this is an area most trainers don't even consider or really think about when they start, they just get going, which has some pros and cons.

So let's use it to keep the pros really high and the cons really low.

Now, next up is P and the P stands for product.

So now you've planned in kind of envisioned what you want to do and how your business, you want your business to be.

Product is creating everything, getting everything done, creating all the things that you need so you can deliver a great service and get results.

And we want to be able to do that, you know, with as little work as possible. Okay. So to be able to do that, you're going to need some systems and processes, and yes, I know it sounds a bit boring, but these will help keep you organised as you get more and more clients.

It will help keep you professional.

And, you know, people are always willing to pay more for this, so you can charge more too.

It adds real value.

So, how will you create your training? Are you going to be doing it virtually where you use weekly check-ins or will you use like a membership site?

If there's a membership site, there's lots of stuff you're going to need to create, to take people through a journey as part of your service.

We're going to move on to, I from the word epic and the letter I stands for inform.

So inform is simply you telling everybody about what you're doing. Okay. It's your marketing.

So there's lots of different ways that you can do that. You can carry out a dream 100 and go through that process. You can do ads on Facebook, Google, you can turn to your local community. And obviously if you're just, you know, you're working in a commercial gym, or a facility like that, you just get out on the gym floor sometimes and engage with members. It can be really simple if you need it to.

But the idea is to make sure that you are as well-known as possible in the kind of area or the domain in which you are working.

Now, I know it sounds simple and it can be, but it probably is the area a lot of trainers struggle with.

Finally, we have C which stands for connect. So, connection doesn't really just come at the end. You know, you're going to be trying to connect with people all the way through the process. So connection starts with your audience, right from the beginning, and even, you know, with people that are not even your clients yet.

Now once they do become a customer, you've got that client journey and you need to take that level of connection to a higher level, and this connection is really going to help with building your rapport and creating that stickiness and that retention with you and what you do.

Now you do not want to constantly be on that treadmill you know, of having to find new clients, new clients, new clients. So you want to be able to fill up your diary so all the people coming in are kind of being layered on top of the clients that you've already got.

So you've got this, you know, almost kind of compounding client effect and you'll fill your diary up in no time.

But to really be able to help people, they need to be with you long enough to see some progress as well.

So if everybody comes for a month and that's kind of it, then no one would really benefit and you'll be scrapping around, always having to try and desperately fill empty slots.

Now, in reality, things are not quite so linear. So rather than waiting for everything to get finished before starting, it is important that you just get started.

So, for example, don't stop yourself from starting your business, just because you may not have that website or fancy business card yet.

Building a website is a part of epic and it's in the informed section, but, you know, it is far more important for you just to get started than maybe wait a couple of weeks or months for some new website to get done.

Because even when it's done, you know, maintaining that and updating that and everything else. It's kind of an ongoing process while you're doing all these other things too. So, sometimes things, you know, can get a little overwhelming.

So while it is possible for you to just follow these steps and go through everything one by one, you need to sort of pick and choose the most relevant things for you right now, so you can start seeing the quickest results in the shortest amount of time for you, your business and your clients.

All right, so focus on those areas that are weakest with you personally, so you can see the biggest jumps in the quickest amount of time.

So, there you have it. And as we get to the end of this first session, I wanted to let you know that you can go and download that free copy of the epic blueprint right now.

So it's being updated every now and then. I think we're on about the third version right now. So, you know, it will change and it will be refined over time, you know, with your feedback and suggestions from people and trainers like yourself.

So over time, it will become a really helpful and relevant tool to help all new personal trainers get started. But it's the aim of this podcast to start filling in all those blanks in those four areas that makeup epic.

For you to get your copy, you can go to epic personal, forward slash epic dash blueprint to download your free copy now.

There will be a direct link in the show notes for this so you can just sort of scroll down and keep an eye out for that and click that link as well.

So I'm sure over time you're going to be just as familiar with these as I am. I hope that it, you know, it really does help you getting started with your personal training business.

So, that's it for this very first session. So I'm really happy that you've listened to episode number one of the epic personal trainer podcast. I'm signing off. And I hope that you'll join me in the next one.

Bye for now.


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