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Session #012 - Grow Your Business with the Dream 100

Show notes:

Today I have session number 12 for you, which is about a marketing strategy called the Dream 100.

Now I wanted to talk about this for 2 reasons. One was because this is a great way to generate new business.

The other is that I’ve had a few questions from trainers about a previous session i recorded about your ideal client.

That was session number 9 if you want to go back and check it out.

But what trainers have been asking is how to really use the ideal client profile in their marketing so they can get new clients.

So I thought about killing two birds with one stone and a great way to show this is by talking about the Dream 100.

Now, keep in mind that I could have talked about Facebook or Google ads to help show how the ideal client profile can be used. It can be really useful, well, basically essential to run good ads.

But with any kind of ads, you’re going to have to crack your wallet out and splash the cash. And not everyone can do that especially when you’re just starting out.

But the Dream 100 is a really cool way of growing your business partly because it is 100% free. So it’s something that everyone can get going with.

So, if you haven’t already, go back to session 9, have a listen, download the worksheet and get to know who your ideal client might be. Then come back to this session.

Or listen to this one and go the other way..whichever you prefer.

So let's get into it.

Now the Dream 100, I first heard of in Russell Brunson's book, which I think is called Traffic Secrets.

Which you should read!

He has 3 books actually, all of which you should read, I’ll link to them in the show notes.

Russell is also a co-founder of click funnels. A very famous online software that helps you build a different type of website that focuses on sales funnels instead of just information style pages like a typical website.

Anyway, they do 100 million plus dollars per year, so it’s a pretty big business. He knows what he is talking about.

But anyway, going back to the Dream 100, Russell actually modified the original dream 100 created by the late Chet Holmes who was a sales machine.

And to make things a little more confusing, it is now taught in detail by Dana Derricks who I think owns the rights to the Dream 100 concept.

I’ll link to his stuff as well if you want to check it out.

But it goes like this.

So when Chet Holmes was first utilising this strategy he had a magazine and he wanted to reach out to companies in order to get deals with them for advertising.

  • First, he created his Dream 100 list. This was a list of people that had the decision making power to spend advertising money with his magazine

  • Then he started marketing to this list.

  • Then he started sending packages in the mail to those he wanted to work with. He was getting noticed and starting to build relationships.

  • After a few weeks of sending out mail, he would contact the companies by phone.

Here’s the catch. He would consistently repeat the process of sending out packages and making phone calls.

After 5 or 6 months, Chet finally got his first deal.

Eventually, he had the majority of his Dream 100 buying ads at his magazine instead of the competition taking his companies revenue to its highest ever level.

So like Chet, you need to think of your Dream 100 list.

Russel Brunson changed things a little and thought about the people, person or company on your Dream 100 list, should be people with access.

Access to large numbers of people who fit your ideal client profile.

So you need to think of places where your ideal client congregates. They then try to reach out to them in the best way possible.

For example, if you are a gym based trainer, you know that the gym floor contains many of your ideal clients. The gym has direct access to all those members.

But to reach them most trainers will go out on the gym floor and start talking to the members one by one, helping them out in a bid to, at some point, convert them into a playing client.

But with the Dream 100, what you do is instead of reaching out to the individual people that make your ideal client, you instead build a relationship with the person that controls the platform where all these people congregate.

So going back to my example, instead of talking to all the individual members, you talk to the gym owner, or the gym manager.

They will introduce you to their audience and kind of promote you to everyone making your reach far bigger, far more efficiently.

There are two main benefits to this.

Firstly, it’s less overall work. It is still work, and it is also a longer play so you need to be patient while you build relationships and add value before anything big might happen.

But when things start to move, one of the big benefits is that you have a person in a position of authority and credibility recommending you to a lot of people that trust them.

That is a really powerful thing!!

A recommendation is a lot more powerful than you going up to members one by one.

So that is kind of the basics.

Now imagine this, instead of just one person and place, like the gym, you are doing this with 100 places or people.

Now, don’t fret!

100 is kind of an arbitrary number. You can make this work with 5 or 10 or 20.

But what you need to do to start with is identify who your Dream 100 is.

So your Dream 100 is made up of people that have influence. People that have an audience that they can speak to. 100 people that have access to the type of person that fits your ideal client profile as best you can.

Here is a quick list of some of the places you can think about:

  • Local businesses

  • Online communities

  • Facebook pages

  • Facebook groups

  • Instagram pages

  • Blogs

  • Podcasts

  • YouTube channels

  • Other trainers that are full up

Ideally it is someone that has access to a large audience. That makes your life a little easier once you can get through the gatekeeper. If they have a large audience, that can be more leads per person on your Dream 100 list.

You’ll hopefully fill up a lot faster.

For example, if you’re a pre and postnatal trainer, you would want to look at where pregnant ladies are hanging out either online or offline.

So you might add maternity hospitals, nurses, midwives or children's shops to your Dream 100 list.

You can research online forums, popular blogs or podcasts.

So now does it start to click on how the ideal client information can come in useful?

If your ideal client is a little older you may want to look at Facebook groups, and if a little younger search for Instagram or Tik-Tok pages that are popular.

If your ideal client is fat loss, you might want to speak with a doctor's office or a local weight loss group.

But you do not want to just go in and pitch or try to sell them on this. You need to take time to create a scenario where what you offer is a benefit to them and their audience.

You need to take time to build trust and credibility with the gatekeeper to the audience you are trying to access.

So it is a slow play, you’ll need to be patient.

To create your list, make sure you get their contact information and their profile details on the platform you have discovered them on.

Then you need to make some initial contact.

Now don't go crazy and start adding people, pages or companies with millions of followers. That will not work.

Those people with a million followers on Instagram or a blog with a million hits a month can charge serious money to put people in contract with their audience.

For me and epic personal trainer, it would be amazing to have someone like Layne Norton or even Arnold Schwarzenegger put me in front of their audience.

But that isn’t realistic to start with.

I mean…who the hell am I?

I can have them on my list, but might start off contacting people on the list with a smaller audience that are more reachable.

So be realistic with who you want to first contact on your Dream 100 list. As you get bigger, maybe you can start contacting bigger and bigger people, but start off realistic while keeping those big names on the back burner, just in case the opportunity comes along.

Now, if someone on your Dream 100 list has an instagram page, then start to like, share and interact with their content. Buy their products, programs or courses if they have any.

You need to enter their world and start adding value. You really need to know what they are about, what they believe in and what they stand for.

But your aim in doing all of this is to find out ways to contact, add value and build a relationship.

This way, when you reach out about your services, they will already know who you are.

So, that’s about it in a nutshell.

Once you build that relationship, once they know you enough and you can add enough value to them and their audience, things can start to move.

You can work together so it is a win-win-win, that’s for you, your Dream 100 people and their audience.

To help you plan and list your Dream 100 i have a Google Sheets worksheet that you can use and it’s a free download.

You can get it at

and start creating your own Dream 100 list.



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