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Trailer - Epic Personal Trainer


Show Notes:

And welcome to the epic personal trainer podcast. A once a week session that will help new personal trainers plan build and grow their successful business by following the epic blueprint. I'm your host, Marc Devaney, and I've helped hundreds of personal trainers across both England and India. I also run one of the best gyms in Bangalore, which has a massively successful personal training program.

I'm involved with a lot of trainer education and still train a few clients of my own. I'm really looking forward to this show, which will run anywhere from five to about 30 minutes and will be released every Wednesday. It will include solo shows, sometimes interviews with other experts and even coaching calls containing something a little different.

It will focus on the areas of the epic blueprint, where you will envision your ideal personal training business, create your products or services. Then go on to inform as many people as possible about it. Finally, you need to really connect with your audience and the people that take your services. This podcast aims to show you how you can achieve all these things.

Now, remember to tell any of your trainer, friends, or teammates about this free show, which can be found on your favourite podcast platform, such as Apple podcast, Spotify, Podcaster, and many more. And if you like the podcast or any specific episodes, please help support the show by sharing on your social media pages or through your favourite messaging apps.

So finally feel free to suggest future topics or ask questions by dropping me an email at Marc that's or by reaching out on Instagram, @marcdevaney.

The best thing to do right now is to go and find session number one and start listening right away.


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