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Just got your certification and don't know where to start? Start learning everything your course didn't teach you.

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Why 50% of trainers quit


Don't know where to start after certification

Most trainers lack the knowledge and skills needed to find and convert leads because most course do not include content around this.


Confused about running a business

Charging less instead of adding value for gaining clients is the easiest way to get poor quality clients and undervalue yourself and your skills.


Worried about getting enough clients

Working with any type of client creates a lot of 'bad fits' which can lead to resentment, burn out and then quitting all together. 


Worried clients will leave them too quickly

Lack of systems creates a poor experience for clients. A lack of trust, credibility and accountability means they leave much earlier than needed.

But what are your options?

More expensive courses?

You just spent so much money on your certification. Do you need to spend a lot more to find out what to do next?

Learning on the job?

Not many gyms will have the time or ability to teach you what you need to know. This is going to be long and slow.

Crappy Facebook Groups?

Just a cesspool of self promotion, gimmicks and ads. No real value that will help you grow and develop.

Join the EPIC Community as a
Founding Member

While we are getting starting and adding the initial new content, you can become a Founding Member and get 50% off our introductory price.

Join the wait list today and pay only INR 1,250/- a month FOREVER!

You will always be locked in at this low Founding Member price.

What's inside?


Being a personal trainer can get lonely sometimes. Being with like-minded trainers all focused on their business  lets you ask questions, share ideas aand work together to achieve success.


Personal trainer forms that you can brand and edit, worksheets and guides that will help you with planning, building and growing your personal trainer business.


Pick up new knowledge and skills through online courses, live events and support calls. Learn at your own pace with access to all current and future content.


Benefit from the collective minds of a group of trainers with different experiences, knowledge and skills to support each other, give advice and share what's working in their businesses.

This could be you!

Have confidence

Have a plan guiding you. Know what to do and when to do it to help you build a strong business.

Be the expert

Work with people you love on goals that inspire you while having fun doing it. 

Charge what you're worth

Have belief in your skills and abilities and confidence in what you charge by have solid systems and setting boundaries on what is important.

Fill your calendar

Have the right systems in place that will help put you on autopilot. Grow your business with new clients and strong retention.

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Your guide...the EPIC framework

Working towards a thriving PT business.

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Visualise and plan your new business to serve your ideal client in your favourite niche.

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Now you have your plan the next step is to create your business.

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Making sure that as many people as possible know about what you do.

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Coach & support your clients as they work through your training.

The Epic Blueprint

No need to feel lost

Your free guide to an amazing business. A checklist to help you plan from your very first steps, all the way to delivering training and connecting with your clients.


You're in good company...

Marc taught me the things I needed that were missing from my CPT courses. He's always there to help when needed.

Anagha, Personal Trainer

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50% OFF



All courses current and future

All resources

Monthly training

Live Q&A sessions

Access to experts


Ask questions

Help shape your community

EPIC Forever



Ask questions

Help shape your community


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