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An Online Community For New
Personal Trainers

Your guide to building a lasting personal training business.

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Why 90% of new trainers quit

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Struggle to get leads & convert clients

Not targeting the right types of clients

Undercharging for their services

Low client retention

But what are your options?



More courses?

Learn on the job?

You just spent thousands on your certification. Should you need to spend thousands more to know what to do next?

Slowly building a client base means earning little money for a long long time.

Plan, grow & run your business

Join now for unlimited access to like-minded people and amazing support. For a lower monthly cost, you can get training, advice and support from a range of trainers at a fraction of the cost of yet another big course.


Become an E.P.I.C Trainer!

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Epic Personal Trainer is for you if...

You are a new trainer

You're thinking about being a trainer

You're struggling as a trainer

No reason to feel lost

E.P.I.C Blueprint

Your free pathway to an amazing business. A checklist to help you plan from your very first steps, all the way to delivering training and connecting with your clients.

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What is EPIC?

Your framework to a thriving PT business.

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Visualise and plan your new business to serve your ideal client in your favourite niche.

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Now you have your plan the next step is to create your business.

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Making sure that as many people as possible know about what you do.

Intense Workout

Coach & support your clients as they work through your training.

Join the EPIC Community as a founding member

While we are getting starting and adding the initial new content, you can become a Founding Member and get 40% off our introductory price.

Join the wait list today and pay only INR 1,110/- a month FOREVER!

You will always be locked in at this low Founding Member price.

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Hey! I'm Marc

Over the last 12 years, it's been my job to help 100's of new personal trainers plan their business, introduce systems and grow a client base into a thriving career.

Everything here has been used and developed over all my time as a trainer, educator and gym consultant.

Tried and tested methods have helped build crazy, long lasting personal training business fast.

You're in good company

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Marc taught me the things I needed that were missing from my CPT courses. He's always there to help when needed.


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I learned a lot working with Marc. It helped me start a really successful freelance business.


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Within 3 months I was earning almost double the package I had in a big I.T company.


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I started my career studying and working with Marc. Now I have my own highly successful PT studio.


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All courses current and future

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EPIC Forever



Ask questions

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